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)) Naturing_ Matter in Motion

Intersections between the plastic ambitions of textile and the forms of expression in contemporary art

Doctoral masterpiece  Supervisors: Hedvig Harmati DLA habil, Dániel Barcza DLA habil 2022

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (DLA) Programme

Ludman_Dániel_búza_075 (1).jpg

The research and the resulting body of work is an experimental ensemble of materials that explores the structuring future of plant material and organic systems to broaden the possible conceptual scope of thinking about textiles. As such, the research explores the living forces of a dynamic system and its resulting evolving materialities, rather than simply designing a predetermined formula to constrain and shape form and function.The material is based on the living plant. Although not only the raw material but also the co-creator of the plant itself.

The goals are

a))) to produce soft and structural textiles by experimenting with the environmental factors required for plant growth,

b))) to develop biodegradable, compostable processes for textiles that may even replace oil-based manufacturing and finishing processes, and

c))) to develop a protocol that encourages self-expression and self-patterning techniques along plant materials

d))) as intended by the creator.

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