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)) Augmented Naturing

MOME_Innovation Centre_Future Materials Conference 15-16. 09. 2022.

co-creator: Eitech (Judit Eszter Kárpáti, Esteban de la Torre)

Future materials1 (1) másolata.jpg

A remarkable ambition of contemporary art is to erase boundaries. By navigating on the margins of nature and man-made territory, crossover solution emerge. Separate genres, disciplines feed off each other, they can stretch each other’s limits, and along analogies, then as a consequence of their migration, they can reinterpret their own definition. Textile is a genre that arises along the principle of interaction. Root systems that grow intelligently can develop into a continuous and connected surface, into textile. By using the set of rules that guide the functioning of plant parts in motion, cooperation can emerge between the creator and the plant co-creator. This connection facilitates the understanding of textile, and at the same time, it opens up new horizons.

Real time biodata sonification through auscultation of the micro voltages existing in all plant organisms. Through bioelectrical signal processing these results are quantised in order to control synthesisers, manifesting as music generated by the living plant. 

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