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)) Hybrid

The quest for contemporary design_Pécs, 04. 10. 2019.

The exhibition is curated by Rita Mária Halasi, design expert

PappAnett04 (1).png

The aesthetics and morphology of contemporary design are characterised by a certain complexity, and in many cases the interpretation of the works is a challenge even for professionals.

This is partly a consequence of globalisation and partly a result of the constant crossing of boundaries in the search for new paths. Crossover genres are emerging, objects are becoming increasingly complex, communicating on several planes at once, belonging to the digital and analogue worlds as one. Designers are choosing materials and technologies from the most unusual fields and are part of teams that explore new answers and solutions with a wide range of disciplines. The idea of the Gesamtwerk ('Gesamtwerk'), formulated by László Moholy-Nagy almost a century ago - where art and technology are equivalent, where the artistic disciplines cannot be separated but rather interpenetrate - was a forerunner of this ideal.

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